Faces without Places and Children Experiencing Homelessness in the News

Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear: Childhood Homelessness, WKRQ-FM, WYGY-FM, WUBE, WREW-FM, 8-24-14

Greater Cincinnati’s homeless children: Nonprofit works to instill hope in kids without homes, WCPO, 7-9-14

Faces without Places, Fox 19, 6-16-14

Boaters Take Underprivileged Kids for Pirate Cruise Down Ohio River, WCPO, 6-12-14

Homeless children: One local family’s struggle to overcome poverty, WXIX, 5-7-14

Nonprofits Honored at SVP’s Fast Pitch, Charitable Words, 2-13-14

Faces without Places wins Social Venture Partners grant giveaway,WCPO, 2-14-14

Faces without Places bridges educational gap for homeless children, Soapbox Media, 1-7-14

Children in Homelessness, WVXU, 1-3-14

Invisble Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life, New York Times, 12-9-13

Faces without Places comes to Northside for Fundraiser, Northsider Monthly, 11-13

Student homelessness reaches record high, CNN Money, 10-24-13

Focus: Faces without Places, CET, 10-11-13

How Little Things Add Up to Keep Homeless Kids From School, The Atlantic Cities, 8-30-13

Family homelessness increases in Cincinnati, ABC 9, 8-21-13

Once living in a homeless shelter, UK med student now sees bright future as physician, KY Forward, 8-12-13

Operation Backpack discussion with Warm 98′s Bob and Marianne, Warm 98, 8-6-13

Homeless kids learn fire safety, ABC, 7-31-13

CFD teaches fire safety to local homeless children, Fox 19, 7-31-13

Ramin Mohajer on 55 KRC regarding Summer Camp and Gift Campaign, 55 KRC, 6-26-13

CVG employees give children a behind-the-scenes look at Delta ops, Delta, 6-26-13

Ramin Mohajer on Channel 5 regarding Summer Camp and Gift Campaign, NBC 5, 6-16-13

No home for these students but there’s still hope, Enquirer, 4-3-13

Once Homeless, Man Grows To Become Student Body President, Fox 5, 3-21-13

Making education work for homeless students, Enquirer, 1-27-13

75 percent of homeless youth on Twitter, Facebook, CBS News, 1-3-13

A surge in homeless teenagers, Enquirer, 12-14-12

Faces without Places helps homeless children achieve academic success, Streetvibes, 11-2-12

Kids, families slide into poverty, Enquirer, 10-18-12

College Student Recalls Homelessness, NPR, 9-21-12

Back to School, This American Life, 9-14-12

Schools Stabilize Families: What Back to School Means for Homeless Children, Firesteel, 9-4-12

Homeless children learn about fire safety from CFD, Fox 19, 8-1-12

Time out to celebrate themselves, Enquirer, 7-28-12

Ohio River a part of every students’ day, News 5 WLWT, 7-3-12

Newport Ind. Schools to get a new homeless education coordinator, Channel 9 WCPO, 6-22-12

Kentucky Ranks High on Child Homelessness, Enquirer, 12-19-11

What A Ride! Camper Receive Bikes at our Summer Program, Enquirer, 8-11

Homeless Kids Get Lessons In Health, News 5 WLWT, 7-27-11

Homeless Youths Have a Place to Turn for Help, Enquirer, 4-3-11

Homeless College Students on the Rise, Advocates Say, Huffington Post, 1-3-11

The Plight of the High School Homeless, Washington Post, 12-27-10

Homeless Families in America Increase by 9 Percent, Huffington Post, 12-22-10

More Homeless Families Seek Help, Enquirer, 12-21-10

And the winners are…25 kid filmmakers, Enquirer, 7-27-10

All Alone and Trying to Get By, Enquirer, 2-21-10

Greater Cincinnati shelters seeing more homeless teens, Enquirer, 2-21-10

‘I’m the author of my own story’, Enquirer, 2-21-10

Program lends a hand to help homeless students, Enquirer, 2-21-10

Homeless children tell their stories, The Christian Science Monitor, 5-24-07

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